To ensure the health of all our boarders, dogs must be current on vaccinations including; Rabies, Bortadella, Hepatitis & Parvo. A recent FECAL with giardia is also required. A copy of proof of vaccinations must be provided to us before we can admit your dog onto the premises. Please try to have your Bortadella shot at least 10 days before bringing your pet to the kennel. A titers proof is also acceptable!


Please make sure your dog is on a current flea control regime. Flea season is extemely bad this year and the fleas seem to have become immune to many of the topical treatments. We try extremely hard to keep fleas away, but unfortunately 1 dog with fleas can pass them on to many others if they are not on an effective flea control program. Any dog found with fleas will be given a flea bath and/or flea treatment at the owners expense.




To make it easy our prices are all inclusive, including food* (we serve Canidae, a premium all natural food), playtime/exercise 4-6 times a day, medication administration**, cookies plus tons of love & TLC!

*You are more than welcome to bring your own food at no extra charge.

**Excessive medication (more than 2 meds more than twice a day) will incur an       
   extra charge of $1 per medication per dose

Check-in time is between 8am-1pm or 3pm-5:30pm

  1. Check-out time MUST be before 1pm! If you pick up after we reopen at 3pm you WILL be charged for that night.

1 Dog - $38 per night

2 Dogs (sharing the same run) - $60 per night ($30/dog)

3 Dogs (sharing the same run) - $87 per night ($29/dog)


Daycare is available 7:45am-6pm daily. HALF day 7:45am-1pm or 1pm-6pm
1 Dog - $30 per day / $15 per half day
2 Dogs - $44 per day ($22/dog) / $22 per half day


We recommend having your dog bathed before coming home. Some dogs (like kids) can get quite messy at puppy camp!

Bathing starts at $25 and goes up from there depending on your dogs size & coat length. We will pamper your pup with a hydrotherapy spa bath, blow dry and ear cleaning. Choice of shampoos include Antibacterial, Soothing Oatmeal or Fresh Pet. For an additional $5 we have Flea Shampoo, Coal Tar Shampoo, or add Conditioner.

Since all bedding is provided we ask you not bring anything irreplaceable. If you would like to bring something we can not guarantee it will be returned.

 Residential Dog Boarding
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